What is the MATE Act?

The Drug Enforcement Administration sent this letter to all Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registered practitioners regarding the new one-time, eight-hour training requirement on the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders.

Any practitioner that is renewing or applying for a DEA registration on or after June 27, 2023, will be required to check a box on their online DEA registration form affirming that they have completed the new 8-hour training requirement. The deadline is the date of the provider’s next scheduled DEA registration submission.

How can I comply with the new 8-hour training requirement on treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders?

1. Make sure that you are not included in a group that is already deemed to have satisfied this training (e.g., Board certified in Addiction Medicine or Psychiatry, recent graduate, etc.). Details can be found in the DEA letter.

2. Look at past training that you have taken prior to December 29, 2022, from one of the authorized groups (e.g., American Medical Association, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, etc.).

a) Past DATA-Waived trainings count towards this requirement.

b) Examples of past training that could count towards this requirement include the following Nemours Children’s CME activities:

  • Online - Pain Management in Pediatrics Part 1: Management of Chronic Pain in Pediatric Patients (also meets PA and NJ Controlled Substance requirement, depending on cycle)
  • Online - Pain Management in Pediatrics Part 2: Practical Steps for Preventing Opioid Misuse (also meets PA and NJ Controlled Substance requirement, depending on cycle)
  • Online - Baked, Blitzed, Buzzed: An Update on Youth Drug Use
  • Live Pediatric Grand Rounds (Nemours Children’s Health, Delaware) on 4/13/22, “Chair's Choice | Baked, Blitzed, Buzzed: An Update on Youth Drug Use”

If you would like to check your Nemours Children’s CME transcript for completed activities through 2023, you can do so here. Activities from 2024 and beyond can be found here.

3. Complete new training. Training can occur in a variety of formats. Training does not have to occur in one session and can be cumulative from multiple accredited providers.  Training must be provided by one of the accredited groups listed on the DEA letter. We are including training options listed below, many of which are free.

Nemours Children's Health

MATE Act-Compliant Enduring Modules

Attend a live or enduring Nemours accredited activity that advertises MATE Act-compliant curriculum. Program directors across the system are encouraged to include and communicate any training that can meet MATE Act requirements
American Medical Association (AMA) Website Bundle - Various ProvidersSubstance Use Disorders and Addiction Education to Meet New DEA Requirements12.5 CME Credits total; Free to all
17 CME Credits Free to Members Only, $235 for subscription 
CME PassportVarious ModulesSearch for "MATE" or "Pain Management". CME Credits and prices may vary. You can search for free activities and also for activities that count for MOC/CC
New England Journal of MedicineNEJM Knowledge+ Pain Management and Opioids CE Course 10 CME Credits; Free to all
PriMedOn Demand CME/CE Filter by Topics “Controlled Substances” and “Pain Management”
Approximately 12 CME Credits Total, Free to all, content is regularly updated
American Society of Addiction MedicineSignature 8 Hour Courses & Other OfferingsApproximately 27 CME Credits
Prices vary by content (e.g. 8 hour bundle is $199 for non-members)
American College of PhysiciansSubstance Use Disorder (SUD) Education: New DEA Requirement6 CME Credits free to members
Prices vary for Non-Members (e.g. $25 per module or $199 for bundle)
Baptist HealthPrescribing Controlled Substances
Cultural Perception of Chronic Pain and Illness: A Case Study
2 CME Credits; Possible charge
5 CME Credits; Possible charge
Providers Clinical Support SystemSUD Training PortalApproximately 8 CME Credits; Free to all


Please know that it is the provider’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the new requirements. Any specific questions about the DEA renewal process should be directed to their executive assistants. 

Any questions or suggestions for MATE Act-compliant education should be directed to fromtheofficeofcme@nemours.org.